Origin: London, England  
Genres: Doom Metal, Hard Rock
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Page online: September 1, 2022
Last update/review: September 1, 2022

Green Lung

Released in 2021, Black Harvest is only Green Lung's second album, but they already sound like polished professionals. Black Sabbath is frequently cited as a reference, but this isn't ponderous "Iron Man" riffs, but rather the more upbeat, experimental stylings of Sabotage or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, blended with a faint stoner/occult touch and plenty of punchy riffs. John Wright's lush organ work lends a clear 70's hard rock vibe, and Tom Templar has a nasally style that does evoke early Ozzy at times, but in general this band has already started moving toward incorporating their influences towards an original style rather than aping their idols.

Current Members

Tom Templar


Scott Black


Joseph Ghast


John Wright

keyboards (ex-Demon)

Matt Wiseman


Former Members/Guests

Andrew Cave



Free The Witch  
2018 independent
  1. Lady Lucifer
  2. Free the Witch
  3. Living Fossil
  4. Older than the Hills
  5. When the Axe Comes Down
  • Tom Templar
  • Scott Black
  • Andrew Cave
  • John Wright
  • Matt Wiseman

Woodland Rites  
2019 Kozmik
  1. Initiation
  2. Woodland Rites
  3. Let the Devil in
  4. The Ritual Tree
  5. Templar Dawn
  6. Call of the Coven
  7. May Queen
  8. Into the Wild
  • Tom Templar
  • Scott Black
  • Andrew Cave
  • John Wright
  • Matt Wiseman

Black Harvest  
2021 Svart
  1. The Harrowing
  2. Old Gods
  3. Leaders of the Blind
  4. Reaper’s Scythe
  5. Graveyard Sun
  6. Black Harvest
  7. Upon the Altar
  8. You Bear the Mark
  9. Doomsayer
  10. Born to a Dying World
  • Tom Templar
  • Scott Black
  • Joseph Ghast
  • John Wright
  • Matt Wiseman

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