Origin: Hausjärvi, Finland  
Genres: Black Metal, Viking Metal
Page online: February 19, 2019
Last update/review: February 19, 2019


This Finnish duo formed in 2013 and have quickly garnered significant critical acclaim as a standout black metal band. Kelle Surut Soi, the band's 2017 effort, is a solid, rousing slice of majestic, Viking-inflected black metal, inevitably bringing to mind mid-period Bathory but also with a healthy influence of fellow Finns Moonsorrow, featuring both traditional black vocal rasps and well-executed clean Viking choired vocals. Not so much exploring new territory as simply proving how effective this style is when done properly, the future is bright for Havukruunu.

Current Members

Stefan Sorghammer




Former Members/Guests

Humö Mörkstunde



Rautaa Ja Tulta  EP
  1. Pakkanen
  2. Rautaa Ja Tulta
  3. Musta yö
  4. Ne Salaperäiset
  5. Valhallan Portit
  6. Verta Ja Tuhkaa
  • Stefan Sorghammer

  1. Talven Mustat Tuulet
  2. Kuvastaja
  3. Rautalintu
  4. Aavevalo
  5. Terhen
  6. Uni Kuin Unho
  7. Tuuletar
  8. Havulinnaan
  • Humö Mörkstunde
  • Stefan Sorghammer

Kelle Surut Soi  
  1. Jo Näkyvi Pohjan Portit
  2. Vainovalkeat
  3. Noidanhauta
  4. Vainajain Valo
  5. Vaeltaja
  6. Myrskynkutsuja
  7. Verikuu
  8. Kelle Surut Soi
  • Stefan Sorghammer
  • Noitavalo

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