Origin: Germany  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: March 1, 2009
Last update/review: January 25, 2011


Helrunar is a Norse-inspired black metal band from Germany, with two releases under their belts as of this writing, the second being that reviewed here, 2007's Baldr Ok Iss. The overall style is prime Norwegian black metal, though thankfully it doesn't suffer from the non-production or messiness of the early pioneers. Instead this alternates between mid-paced and faster black metal that often brings to mind Moonfog bands like Satyricon or Khold, especially given the icy, razor-sharp guitar tone. There's also the odd clean vocal and some acoustic passages to add a bit of variety to the proceedings. This certainly isn't groundbreaking, but it's clearly above average for the genre, very nicely done.

Current Members

Skald Draugir




Former Members/Guests



Discordius (guest)



2005 Lupus Lounge
  1. Birke im Moor
  2. Frostnacht
  3. Unten und im Norden
  4. ...Bis die Seele gefriert
  5. Nachtfrost
  6. Der Trank des Gehängten
  7. Neun Nächte
  8. Älter als das Kreuz
  9. Dreifach Dorn
  10. Mimis Brunnr (Grátr Önnor)

Baldr Ok Iss  
2007 Lupus Lounge
  1. Dickichtgott
  2. Loka Lögsaga
  3. Schwarzer Frost
  4. Baldr
  5. Íss
  6. Winter
  7. Glámr
  8. Hunta and Boga
  9. Til Jardar
  10. Baldrs drauma
  • Skald Draugir
  • Dionysos
  • Alsvartr

2011 Prophecy
  1. Gefrierpunkt
  2. Kollapsar
  3. Unter dem Gletscher
  4. Nebelspinne
  5. Praeludium Eclipsis
  6. Tiefer als der Tag
  7. Nur Fragmente...
  8. Ende 3
  9. Europa nach dem Eis
  10. Aschevolk
  11. Die Mühle
  12. Rattenkönig
  13. Moorgänger
  14. Lichtmess
  15. Sól
  • Skald Draugir
  • Discordius
  • Alsvartr

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