Origin: Hollywood, Florida, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: July 25, 2003
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Technical death/thrashers Hellwitch first appeared on the scene way back in 1984, thanks to a one-track, ultra-low-budget demo entitled "Nosferatu", which, according to reports, consisted of "drums" that were nothing more than a textbook and a seat cushion (!). Following that were numerous demos and lineup shifts before they signed to the Wild Rags label in 1990. Their only full-length album, Syzygial Miscreancy, is a frenzied hyperspeed thrash assault, with vocals squarely in the thrash camp and twisted guitar leads that slotted well with the then-young Floridian death metal scene. Clearly one of the fastest bands of the day (almost too fast for their own good, as the trio of musicians sometimes sounded like they struggled to keep up with each other), Hellwitch seemed to be a band that could really develop into something special, but they only managed one followup EP before eventually disintegrating. Their last unofficial recording was a demo in 1994, with a last known live appearance in 1998. A compilation of both releases and various demos, including the "Nosferatu" session, was released under the title Final Approach, and four 2005 tracks (originally meant as demos) were packaged as The Epitome Of Disgrace. They're currently scheduled to record a new album in March 2008.

Current Members

Patrick Ranieri


J.P. Brown


Craig Shattuck


Joe Schnessel


Former Members/Guests

J. Pierce


Tommy Mouser


Jesse Trevino



Syzygial Miscreancy  
1990 Wild Rags
  1. The Ascent
  2. Nosferatu
  3. Viral Ehogence
  4. Sentient Transmography
  5. Mordirivial Dissemination
  6. Pyrophoric Seizure
  7. Purveyor Of Fear
  • Patrick Ranieri
  • Tommy Mouser
  • Joe Schnessel

Terraasymmetry  EP
  1. Terrasymmetry
  2. Satan's Wrath
  3. Dawn Of Apostasy
  • Patrick Ranieri
  • Jesse Trevino
  • Craig Shattuck
  • Joe Schnessel

Final Approach  COMPILATION
2003 Progressive A.
  1. The Ascent
  2. Nosferatu
  3. Viral Exogence
  4. Sentient Transmography
  5. Mordirivial Dissemination
  6. Pyrophoric Seizure
  7. Purveyor of Fear
  8. Terraasymmetry
  9. Satan's Wrath
  10. Dawn Of Apostasy
  11. Nosferatu ('84 demo)
  12. Torture Chamber ('86 demo)
  13. Days Of Nemesis ('94 demo)
  14. At Rest ('94 demo)
  15. Anthropophagi ('94 demo)
  16. Torture Chamber ('94 demo)
  17. Fate At Pains End ('94 demo)
  18. Final Approach ('98 rehearsal)
  19. Epitome Of Disgrace ('98 rehearsal)

The Epitome Of Disgrace  EP
2005 self-released
  1. Opiatic Luminance
  2. Final Approach
  3. Mythologicalies (Enlightened Paganus)
  4. Epitome of Disgrace
  • Patrick Ranieri
  • J. Pierce
  • Craig Shattuck
  • Joe Schnessel

Omnipotent Convocation  
2009 Xtreme
  1. Neolithic Journey/Mysteria
  2. Days of Nemesis
  3. Infernal Death
  4. Opiatic Luminance
  5. Mythologicalies
  6. Irreverent Salvation
  7. Vicious Avidity
  8. Epitome of Disgrace
  9. Final Approach
  10. Sought To Beguile

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