Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: December 31, 2015

Highway Chile

80's Dutch metallers Highway Chile were a bit out of their time, opting for a style that mixed American hard rock with prime NWOBHM riffing, at a time where many of their contemporaries were on the heavier side of things. Ultimately they didn't achieve the success that one might have hoped, as their Storybook Heroes album showed a versatile songwriting style that should have garnered a larger following. The original incarnation folded in the late eighties after two albums and an EP, but drummer Ernst Van Ee put together a completely new lineup in 2002, resulting in a live album that year and a new studio album, Keeper Of The Earth, in 2007. They haven't recorded since but are still active as of this writing.

Current Members

Stan Verbraak

vocals (Helloise)

Martin Mens


Gert Nijboer


Marshell Remeeus


Ernst Van Ee

drums (Helloise)

Former Members/Guests

Armand Vander Stigchel


Sav Pearce


Robert Souterboek


Peter Barnouw


Ben Blaauw

guitars (Helloise)

Attila Szabo


Eric Finck


Edwin den Haag



Storybook Heroes  
1983 Lark
  1. The Fever
  2. Headbangers
  3. Carol (Lady Of The Dark Room)
  4. Handing You Over
  5. Highway Chile
  6. Jesse James
  7. Going Blind
  8. Endless Trial
  • Armand Vander Stigchel
  • Peter Barnouw
  • Ben Blaauw
  • Eric Finck
  • Ernst Van Ee

For The Wild And Lonely  EP
1984 Mirus
  1. The Power And The Force
  2. Pale Blue Eyes
  3. The Omerta (Lucky No More)
  4. Custer's Last Stand
  5. Brand New Star
  6. Horses And Shields
  • Armand Vander Stigchel
  • Peter Barnouw
  • Ben Blaauw
  • Eric Finck
  • Ernst Van Ee

1985 21
  1. Rockarama
  2. Christine
  3. No Place To Run
  4. You Took My Heart
  5. Too Hot To Touch
  6. Broken Promises
  7. So Hard To Get
  8. California's On Fire
  9. On The Rox
  10. Chearleaders
  • Sav Pearce
  • Peter Barnouw
  • Ben Blaauw
  • Eric Finck
  • Ernst Van Ee

On The Road Again - Live  
2002 Humansound
  1. Highway Chile Is Coming To Get You
  2. Jesse James
  3. Going Blind
  4. Hard Life
  5. Carol
  6. Bite In Anger
  7. Midnight Delight
  8. Fever
  9. This Girl
  10. Endless Trail
  11. Headbangers
  12. Rock & Roll Blitzkrieg
  • Robert Souterboek
  • Martin Mens
  • Attila Szabo
  • Edwin den Haag
  • Ernst Van Ee

Keeper Of The Earth  
2007 Mausoleum
  1. Keeper Of The Earth
  2. Poison
  3. Road To Paradise
  4. Pretending
  5. Free Fighters
  6. Run Away
  7. Heat Wave
  8. Endless Trail
  9. Headbangers
  10. Stealing With Pride
  11. Long Live Rock 'n Roll
  12. Dreaming Of Heaven
  • Stan Verbraak
  • Martin Mens
  • Gert Nijboer
  • Marshell Remeeus
  • Ernst Van Ee

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