Origin: France  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: April 29, 2004

High Power

Of the handful of French bands who received any sort of press outside their country in the mid-eighties, High Power was one of the better ones, with a standard Euro-power metal sound (with all French lyrics) that might sound a bit dated now but was pretty effective for its time.

Last Lineup

Patrick Malbos


Eric Pouey

lead guitar/keyboards

Alain Pavon

rhythm guitar

Jean-Michel Dietsch


Georges Moreau


Former Members/Guests

Thierry Sorondo



High Power  
1983 Devil's
  1. Casse - Toi
  2. Ode A La Vie
  3. L'Ange Au Regard Noir
  4. Offrande Charnelle
  5. Cauchemar
  6. Alcool
  7. Comme Un Damne
  8. N'Oublie Pas
  • Patrick Malbos
  • Thierry Sorondo
  • Jean-Michel Dietsch
  • Georges Moreau

Les Violons De Satan  
1986 Sydney
  1. Advocat
  2. Sous L'Ouiel Du Cobra
  3. Le Dernier Assault
  4. Rebelle
  5. Heavy Rock
  6. Par Le Sang Et L'Acier
  7. Les Violons De Satan
  • Patrick Malbos
  • Eric Pouey
  • Alain Pavon
  • Jean-Michel Dietsch
  • Georges Moreau

Live 84/87  LIVE
1999 Brennus
  1. Avocat
  2. Sous l'oeil du cobra
  3. Heavy Rock
  4. Rebelle
  5. Instrumental
  6. L'ange au regard noir
  7. Offrande charnelle
  8. Heavy rock
  9. Sous l'oeil du cobra
  10. Rebelle

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