Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
Last update/review: July 3, 2002


Now Hear This, Hellanbach's debut album, was quite plainly influenced by early Van Halen, particularly in the guitarwork and songwriting areas, while still retaining some of the rough NWOBHM trademarks of the era. While the album got some good reviews, the followup, The Big H, didn't capitalize on that initial success, and the band disappeared soon after.

Last Lineup

Jimmy Brash


Dave Patton


Kev Charlton


Barry Hopper


Former Members/Guests

Steve Walker



Out To Get You  EP
1980 Guardian
  1. Out To Get You
  2. Light Of The World
  3. Let's Get This Show On THe Road
  4. Nobody's Fool
  • Jimmy Brash
  • Dave Patton
  • Kev Charlton
  • Steve Walker

Now Hear This  
1983 Neat
  1. Dancin'
  2. Times are gettin harder
  3. Look at me
  4. All systems go
  5. Maybe tomorrow
  6. Motivated by desire
  7. Taken by surprise
  8. Let's get this show on the road
  9. Kick it out
  10. All the way
  11. Everybody wants to be a cat
  • Jimmy Brash
  • Dave Patton
  • Kev Charlton
  • Steve Walker

The Big H  
1984 Neat
  1. Beaten to the bone
  2. The main man
  3. Nobody's fool
  4. Bandits run
  5. S.P.G.C.
  6. Saturday night
  7. Panic state O.D.
  8. Daddy dig those cats
  9. Whem all is said and done
  10. Urban paranoia
  • Jimmy Brash
  • Dave Patton
  • Kev Charlton
  • Barry Hopper

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