Origin: Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: July 3, 2002

Inner Thought

Inner Thought is a death metal band formed by Bobby Sadzak and Dave Hewson, formerly of Slaughter, though Hewson left before their first recording. With the exception of a drum machine (giving a slight industrial influence), the style here is typical mid-paced death metal, with Perspectives being the better of the two albums.

Last Lineup

Dennis Balesdent


Bobby Sadzak


Former Members/Guests

Kelly Montico


Roland Murray



Worldly Separation  
1994 Dwell
  1. Madness
  2. Worldly Separation
  3. Drowning in Sorrow
  4. In Ourselves We Trust
  5. War
  6. Diseased Infected Earth
  7. Forever Distant
  8. Disorder of Battles
  9. Ethnic Cleansing
  • Kelly Montico
  • Bobby Sadzak
  • Roland Murray

1996 Dwell
  1. Words
  2. Sanctioned Situations
  3. Skin and Nails
  4. Tortured
  5. Observe...
  6. Autodogmatic
  7. Back of Lethargy
  8. Perspectives
  • Dennis Balesdent
  • Bobby Sadzak

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