Origin: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: February 20, 2010

Jersey Dogs

Jersey Dogs were formed in the late eighties by the former rhythm section of Attacker, that being bassist Lou Ciarlo (who also tackles vocals here) and drummer Mike Sabatini. Unlike the more traditional metal of Attacker, the Dogs were a standard turn-of-the-decade thrash band, not really offering much new at the time. The band disappeared soon after 1990's Thrash Ranch, with Sabatini and guitarist Mike Benetados resurfacing in the reformed Attacker a decade later. Though the band is long gone, a new digital-only EP has been released, originally recorded in 1990.

Last Lineup

Lou Ciarlo

bass/vocals (ex-Attacker)

John Ilaw


Mike Benetados

guitars (Attacker)

Mike Sabatini

drums (Attacker)


Don't Worry, Get Angry!  EP
1989 Wild Rags
  1. Wasted World
  2. Who's To Blame
  3. Another Pretty Day
  4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  5. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
  • Lou Ciarlo
  • John Ilaw
  • Mike Benetados
  • Mike Sabatini

Thrash Ranch  
1990 Grudge
  1. Posse Of Doom
  2. Medicine Man
  3. Why Is
  4. Blood From A Stone
  5. Who's To Blame
  6. Wasted World
  7. Games
  8. Greasy Funk Chicken
  9. Last Breath
  10. Another Pretty Day
  • Lou Ciarlo
  • John Ilaw
  • Mike Benetados
  • Mike Sabatini

Live @ Streets  

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