Origin: Japan  
Last update/review: June 27, 2015


This is an odd find, a one-man Japanese project playing (quoting the record label) "orchestral kamikaze metal". Certainly not sounding like anything else from Japan (or, for that matter, anywhere else), You Oshima's style is ambitious and diverse, and while orchestral metal doesn't fully describe this band, it's a good start at least. There's plenty on display here, from a healthy dose of guitar wizardry to pianos and keyboards and various vocal effects, along with effectively programmed drums and samples that add a slight industrial aspect to the mix. This is quite an original project, and for the metal fan in search of something different, an excellent prospect. Oshima joined Sigh after a lengthy absense from the scene, but has not ruled out the possibility of resurrecting this project.

Current Members

You Oshima

vocals/all instruments (Sigh)


The Reality In The Phantasmagoric World  
2002 self-released
  1. Kamikaze Blows
  2. Endless Labyrinth
  3. Lament 1999
  4. War Phantasma
  • You Oshima

Into The Oriental Phantasma  
2003 Holy
  1. Kamikaze Blows
  2. Mononoke - God Of Worm
  3. Wheel Of Fortune
  4. Endless Labyrinth
  5. Lament 1999
  6. War Phantasma
  7. into the oriental phantasma (03 holy)
  • You Oshima

The Second Renaissance  
2005 Holy
  1. In My Own Voice
  2. Ghost In The Shell
  3. The Embers Of Reverie
  4. The Abyss Stare At You
  5. Utakata
  6. In The Woods
  7. The Wolfoid
  8. Mother's Flesh
  9. Redemption
  • You Oshima

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