Origin: Quincy, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: September 18, 2017
Last update/review: September 17, 2017

Kognitiv Tod

This is one of those one-man projects led by a guy with a lot of time on his hands, as he's already cranked out 6 indie albums in just 3 years. Listening to the sixth album, 2016's Eternal Return, it's odd that several have placed this band in the black metal category, as this is dominated by spacey, ethereal keyboards, a prominent bass, rather simplisticly programmed drums, and practically no vocals save some very distant, vaguely black-ish whispers. If black metal must be part of the description, then "new-agey, progressive black metal" might be a better overall tag. Both the arrangements and the production are rather sparse, yet the straightforward nature of the whole thing is one of its strengths. Definitely in the "something different" category, this isn't going to appeal to everyone (especially for those wanting something more, well, metallic), but it's intriguing and interesting in a background-listening sort of way.

Current Members

Mitchell Provow

vocals/all instruments


  1. Inviolate Lamentations of the Frost
  2. Coyotes Gnashing Teeth in Iron Nights
  3. Dysphoric Whispers of the Pines
  4. Time Returns Again
  5. Oscillation of Lucid Nothingness
  6. Seraphic Eagles, Lords of the Mississippi
  7. Unconscious Storms over My Wretched Sanity
  8. Unholy Captain of Neural Vessels
  9. Indomitable Fecundity
  • Mitchell Provow

  1. Infinite Forests of Leaden Repose
  2. In the Valley of the Trolls
  3. Desolate Plains of Abundant Mindfulness I
  4. Amorous Graveyard Revival
  5. Return to the Halls of Promethean Stillness
  6. Scorching Fires of Intolerable Subservience
  7. Behind the Veil of Eternal Fog
  8. The fluidity of I and Me
  9. Desolate Plains of Abundant Mindfulness II
  10. Great Tides Approaching
  11. Pulsing Radiance in a Sweltering Abyss
  • Mitchell Provow

A Will To Suffer  
  1. Escape from the Necroverse
  2. Corpses Ruminating in Twilight
  3. The Last Song of Edvardia
  4. Floating Cosmic Disillusions
  5. Mortuary Blues
  6. Avalanches of Carnal Decay
  7. My Beloved Whore Dances Under a Funeral Moon
  8. Chariots of Lechery
  9. Imploding Storms
  10. Transcendent Human Pathways
  • Mitchell Provow

Howls From The Void  
  1. Phenomenal Nothingness
  2. Galactic Tyrants
  3. Carnal Jaunts in Fecund Courtyards
  4. Ice Cavern Bliss
  5. Escort Girl
  6. Absurdity Reigns
  7. Traversing the Wormhole
  8. Death of Atlantis
  9. Beasts
  10. Tubular Biomass
  11. Indifferent Waves of Rotting Force
  12. Noble Lamentations / Devil Dogs of Winter
  • Mitchell Provow

The Nightmare Of Being  
  1. Red Waves on the Rocks
  2. Lucid in Sepulcher
  3. All Is as Cold as Before
  4. King in the Void
  5. Photosynthesis
  6. Digging Under Stars
  7. Out of the Storm
  8. Ancient Depths
  9. Mississippi Necrosis
  10. Mountains
  • Mitchell Provow

Eternal Return  
  1. Necrotic Moonlight Cajoling
  2. Fake Dreams Dying
  3. Primordial Seas
  4. A Black Moth Flutters at Dusk
  5. Aeons Chained and Starving: Without Rest
  6. Green River Fog
  7. Endless Desert of Sustenance
  8. Stylistic Infanticide
  9. Now There's Only Me
  10. Caves
  11. The Future Ones
  • Mitchell Provow

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