Origin: Paris, France  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: March 26, 2005
Last update/review: March 26, 2005


Formed in 2001, Korum looks to make a mark on the French extreme metal scene. The bands' second effort, No Dominion, is an blast of technical brutal death metal, with hardcore influences in the vocal department (one of the two guys is a straight hardcore singer, the other is more in the death growl area). The arrangements are chock full of riffs, the band really never letting up through the entire album. This kind of music demands a very high level of musicianship, and all three instrumentalists here are up to the task. A virtual whirlwind of intensity, No Dominion should put Korum on the map as a force in technical death metal.

Last Lineup

Pascal Vigne


Christophe Nedelec


Gaël Feret


Former Members/Guests

Olivier Delecroix


Nicolas Coudert

guitars (ex-No Return)

Boban Tomic

drums (ex-No Return)


Son Of The Breed  
2002 Sekhmet
  1. Cowardice
  2. Dying
  3. Raised Upon All Men
  4. Time Has Come
  5. Circle Is Closing
  6. Shivering
  7. Enslaved
  8. Follow
  9. Carnival Masks
  10. Until The End
  • Olivier Delecroix
  • Nicolas Coudert
  • Christophe Nedelec
  • Boban Tomic

No Dominion  
2003 Sekhmet
  1. Reminder
  2. Away
  3. Thorn & Despair
  4. Soars
  5. Decide
  6. Ex Post Facto
  7. Decide
  8. Damage
  9. Abyss
  • Olivier Delecroix
  • Nicolas Coudert
  • Christophe Nedelec
  • Boban Tomic

Ockham's Razor  
2006 Sekhmet
  1. Intro-Hellbells
  2. Fear is the Enemy
  3. Asperger Syndrome
  4. Parasite in the Kernel
  5. Resilience
  6. So Weak & So Kind
  7. Revenge is on my side
  8. Kolmogoroff Complexity
  9. Sacrifice my Integrity
  10. Another Like
  11. Time of Grace
  12. Sweet Angel
  • Pascal Vigne
  • Christophe Nedelec
  • GaĆ«l Feret

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