Origin: Czechia  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: March 31, 2007


Eastern Europe is not considered a hotbed for death metal (Poland, with a thriving death scene, is a glaring exception), but Krabathor, from the Czech Republic, has been pounding away for years and is thus considered one of the leading death bands from the region. They were formed back in 1984 by guitarist/vocalist Christopher and have released several well-received albums since their debut in 1992. An interesting lineup addition occurred in 2000, with noted American death metallist Paul Speckmann (who had led his own death band Master for several years) joining the group on bass. The album reviewed here is their latest, 2003's Dissuade Truth, a no-nonsense, traditional old-school death metal release, very American in style, with a nice crunchy guitar tone and a good amount of brutal riffing. It lacks a bit in the originality stakes (i.e. a novice fan might have trouble differentiating Krabathor from any one of several similar bands), but Dissuade Truth delivers the goods in fine order, and Krabathor's stature as a prime death metal band is intact and well deserved.

Last Lineup

Christopher (Petr Krystof)


Paul Speckmann

bass (Master)

Skull (Libor Lebanek)


Former Members/Guests

Hire (René Hílek)


Martin Mikulec


Bruno (Bronislav Kovarik)


Kopec (Petr Kopecek)



Only Our Death Is Welcome ...  
1992 Monitor
  1. Royal Crown
  2. Psychodelic
  3. Eternal
  4. Convict To Contempt
  5. Before The Carnage
  6. Pacifistic Death
  7. Preparing Your End
  8. Killing My Wrath
  9. Worried Childhood
  10. Madness Of The Dark Shadows
  • Christopher
  • Hire
  • Bruno
  • Kopec

Cool Mortification  
1993 Monitor
  1. Faces Under The Ice
  2. In The Blazing River
  3. Evil Corners In Mind
  4. The Loop
  5. Without The Following Dawn
  6. Forget The Gods
  7. Absence Of Life
  8. Temporary Being Of Insignificancy
  9. Absence Of Life (Absence Of Mind Mix)
  • Christopher
  • Martin Mikulec
  • Bruno
  • Kopec

1995 Morbid
  1. The Truth About Lies
  2. Unnecessarity
  3. Short Report On The Ritual Carnage
  4. Tears, Hope And Hate
  5. Pain Of Bleeding Hearts
  6. Rebirth Of Blasphemy
  7. Imperator (Strikes Again)
  8. Stonedream
  9. Believe...
  • Christopher
  • Bruno

Mortal Memories  EP
  • Christopher
  • Bruno
  • Skull

1998 Morbid
  1. Orthodox
  2. Liquid
  3. Shit Comes Brown
  4. To Red Ones
  5. Tales Of Your History
  6. Touch The Sun
  7. Body As A Cover
  8. Parasites
  9. About Death
  • Christopher
  • Bruno
  • Skull

Unfortunately Dead  
2000 System Shock
  1. They Are Unfortunately Dead
  2. The Eagles You Can Have
  3. Mirror Of Your Steps
  4. Different Hate
  5. Surviving On Arrogance
  6. To Be Unknown
  7. Living On The Threat Of One Finger
  8. The Evil Men Can Do
  9. Death Through The Centuries
  • Christopher
  • Paul Speckmann
  • Skull

Dissuade Truth  
2003 System Shock
  1. Intro
  2. Dissuade Truth
  3. Dead Hate Screaming
  4. Smell All The Stench
  5. No One
  6. Silence Will Cover Noise
  7. Burning Bridges
  8. Face The Intruder
  9. Who Is Guilty
  10. Saving Of Mind
  • Christopher
  • Paul Speckmann
  • Skull

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