Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: May 10, 2007
Last update/review: May 10, 2007

The Krixhjälters

This Swedish quartet formed in 1982 and released one album, name to Omnitron for their second (and last) album, 1990's Masterpeace. The debut, 1989's Evilution, is a slightly quirky thrash album, showing plenty of the band's early punk/crossover roots as well as a bit of their off-kilter lyrical stance that would be further developed in the future. Near the end of their reign, two members formed a side project called Comecon, which eventually became their full-time gig as Omnitron folded due to musical differences between various members.

Last Lineup

Pontus Lindqvist


Rasmus Ekman

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Comecon)

Pelle Ström

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Comecon)

Stefan Kälfors

drums/backing vocals


1989 CBR
  1. Evilution
  2. He Speaks
  3. Mulling Over Anaesthesia
  4. Kill Each Other
  5. To Whom Can You Turn
  6. Beria, Show Him the Door
  7. Imperial Leather
  8. Justify the Means
  9. I
  • Pontus Lindqvist
  • Rasmus Ekman
  • Pelle Ström
  • Stefan Kälfors

1990 CBR
  1. The Power Line
  2. I Am He
  3. Triumph Of What
  4. Torque Limit
  5. Eroticon
  6. Lucifertility
  7. How The Steel Was Tempered
  8. Rock Drill/Iron Ration
  9. Five In Four
  10. The Tension
  11. Ace Of Spades(bonus)
  • Pontus Lindqvist
  • Rasmus Ekman
  • Pelle Ström
  • Stefan Kälfors

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