Origin: Sheffield, England  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: September 23, 2020
Last update/review: September 23, 2020


For all intents and purposes, Kull is the continuation of the great Bal-Sagoth, a band that, while technically not disbanded as of this writing, hasn't recorded since 2006. Formed in 2012, Kull consists of four current or former Bal-Sagoth members along with a new vocalist, and in 2019 the quintet finally debuted with Exile. Comparisons to the past are inevitable and warranted -- it's clear that Kull wants to continue where Bal-Sagoth left off, and indeed a lot of Exile slots comfortably and favorably with past product, while at the same time broadening and expanding their sound. The trademark dark, busy, blackened symphonic arrangements are here (though not the lengthy song titles) and serve the band well -- this is still a unique and original band. Vocally, there is a shift -- at times Tarkan Alp adopts the rapid-fire, semi-narrative style that Byron Roberts made famous, while at other times he's a more traditional extreme metal vocalists, with both blackened shrieks and deathly roars part of his repetoire. A welcome return to form for these guys.

Current Members

Tarkan Alp


Chris Maudling

guitars (ex-Bal-Sagoth)

Jonny Maudling

keyboards (ex-Bal-Sagoth)

Alistair MacLatchy

bass (ex-Bal-Sagoth)

Paul Jackson

drums (ex-Bal-Sagoth)


  1. Imperial Dawn
  2. Set Nakt Heh
  3. Vow of the Exiled
  4. A Summoning to War
  5. Hordes Ride
  6. An Ensign Consigned
  7. Pax Imperialis
  8. By Lucifer's Crown
  9. Of Stone and Tears
  10. Aeolian Supremacy
  11. Of Setting Suns and Rising Moon
  • Tarkan Alp
  • Chris Maudling
  • Jonny Maudling
  • Alistair MacLatchy
  • Paul Jackson

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