Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
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Page online: October 15, 2007
Last update/review: April 15, 2010

Lair Of The Minotaur

Lair Of The Minotaur is a power trio from Chicago with a monstrous sound. This is ultra-heavy, sludgy metal -- a prime soundalike is early Celtic Frost, but it’s better to say that LOTM incorporates some CF influences rather than being a CF clone or tribute band. Also of interest is their lyrics deriving from Greek mythology (hence their apt band name). Simply put, this is crushingly heavy stuff, yet somehow they manage to avoid just making noise for the sake of noisiness. Impressive stuff indeed.

Current Members

Steven Rathbone


Donald James Barraca


Nate Olp

bass (Demiricous)

Chris Wozniak


Former Members/Guests

Larry Herweg

drums (Pelican)


2004 Southern Lord
  1. Carnage Fucking Carnage
  2. The Wolf
  3. Lion Killer
  4. Caravan of Blood Soaked Kentauroi
  5. Enemy of Gods
  6. Warlord
  7. Demon Serpent
  8. Burning Temple
  • Steven Rathbone
  • Donald James Barraca
  • Larry Herweg

Cannibal Massacre  EP
2005 Southern Lord
  1. Cannibal Massacre (Extended Skin Reaping Mix)
  2. Horns of the Witch
  • Steven Rathbone
  • Donald James Barraca
  • Larry Herweg

The Ultimate Destroyer  
2006 Southern Lord
  1. Juggernaut of Metal
  2. Behead the Gorgon
  3. The Ultimate Destroyer
  4. Horror
  5. Grisly Hound of the Pit
  6. Cannibal Massacre
  7. Lord of Butchery
  8. Engorged With Unborn Gore
  9. The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain
  • Steven Rathbone
  • Donald James Barraca
  • Larry Herweg

War Metal Battle Master  
2008 Southern Lord
  1. Horde of Undead Vengeance
  2. War Metal Battle Master
  3. When The Ice Giants Slayed All
  4. Slaughter the Bestial Legion
  5. Black Viper Barbarian Clan
  6. Assassins of the Cursed Mist
  7. Doomtrooper
  8. Hades Unleashed
  • Steven Rathbone
  • Donald James Barraca
  • Chris Wozniak

War Metal Battle Master  VIDEO
2008 Southern Lord

Evil Power  
2010 Southern Lord
  1. Attack the Gods
  2. Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers
  3. Riders of Skullhammer, We Ride the Night
  4. Evil Power
  5. Goatstorm
  6. Hunt and Devour
  7. Metal Titans
  8. Blood From the Witch’s Vein
  9. We Are Hades
  10. Death March of the Conquerors
  11. The Violent Iron Age of Man
  • Steven Rathbone
  • Chris Wozniak

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