Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Last update/review: June 6, 2000


M.D.45 was a side project led by Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Fear vocalist Lee Ving. The album is more or less what one might expect, as the songs bear a Megadeth similarity with the vocals being somewhat punkish. The album was re-released in 2004 with Mustaine on vocals, as the original vocal tracks to be used in the remix were lost.

Last Lineup

Lee Ving


Dave Mustaine

guitars (Megadeth, ex-Metallica)

Kelly Lemieux

bass (ex-Shrine)

Jimmy DeGrasso

drums (ex-Alice Cooper, ex-Black Star Riders, ex-Killing Machine, ex-Megadeth, ex-Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Y&T)


The Craving  
1996 Capitol
  1. Hell's Motel
  2. Day the Music Died
  3. Fight Hate
  4. Designer Behavior
  5. The Creed
  6. My Town
  7. Voices
  8. Nothing is Something
  9. Hearts will Bleed
  10. No Pain
  11. Roadman
1996 Readers' Album #46

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