Origin: Glasgow, Scotland  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: February 9, 2010
Last update/review: February 9, 2010

Man Must Die

Now three albums into their career since their formation in 2002, Glasgow's own Man Must Die has matured into a standout technical death metal band. On No Tolerance For Imperfection, the band benefits from a tight production, allowing the crunchy guitars and pummelling double-bass drum work to shine. A frequent criticism of death metal bands is the lack of variety between songs and albums, and that holds here too, but then again subtlety and nuances aren't what this genre is all about. Man Must Die is a solid tech-metal recommendation.

Current Members

Joe McGlynn


Alan McFarland


Danny McNab


Former Members/Guests

John Lee


Matt Holland



... Start Killing  
  1. A Lesson Once Learned
  2. Indulge In Genocide
  3. Severe Facial Reconstruction
  4. All Shall Perish
  5. War On Creation
  6. Eradicate the Weak
  7. Scumkiller
  8. Kingdoms Shall Fall
  9. Faint Figure In Black
  • Joe McGlynn
  • Alan McFarland
  • Danny McNab
  • John Lee

The Human Condition  
2007 Relapse
  1. Intro
  2. Silent Observer
  3. March of the Clones
  4. Waster
  5. 1000 Promises of Pain
  6. Cardboard Gangster
  7. Past the Point
  8. You Stand Alone
  9. Elitist
  10. Organized Insanity
  11. Suicide Gene
  • Joe McGlynn
  • Alan McFarland
  • Danny McNab
  • John Lee

No Tolerance For Imperfection  
2009 Relapse
  1. No Tolerance For Imperfection
  2. Gainsayer
  3. Kill It Skin It Wear It
  4. It Comes In Threes
  5. This Day Is Black
  6. Hide The Knives
  7. Dead In The Water
  8. What I Can't Take Back
  9. Reflections From Within
  10. How The Mighty Have Fallen
  11. Survival Of The Sickest
  • Joe McGlynn
  • Alan McFarland
  • Danny McNab
  • Matt Holland

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