Origin: Dayton, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Post-Metal
Page online: September 12, 2007
Last update/review: April 28, 2010

Mouth Of The Architect

Mouth Of The Architect is another band in the so-called atmospheric hardcore realm, the genre essentially spawned by Neurosis and in recent years expanded upon by the likes of Isis, Cult Of Luna, and others. Almost to a band, the style is similar though with just enough individuality to avoid cloning, and that is the case here as well, as MOTA has the drawn-out arrangements and balance between ambient moments and crushing heaviness down pat.

Current Members

Jason Watkins


Kevin Schindel


Steve Brooks

guitars (Torche)

Evan Danielson


Dave Mann


Former Members/Guests

Gregory Lahm


Alex Vernon


Derek Sommer


Brian Cook (guest)

bass (Russian Circles)


Time And Withering  
2004 Translation L.
  1. A Vivid Chaos
  2. Soil To Stone
  3. Heart Eaters
  4. The Worm
  • Jason Watkins
  • Gregory Lahm
  • Alex Vernon
  • Derek Sommer
  • Dave Mann

The Ties That Bind  
2006 Translation L.
  1. Baobab
  2. No One Wished to Settle Here
  3. Carry On
  4. Harboring an Apparition
  5. At Arms Length
  6. Wake Me Up When It's Over
  • Jason Watkins
  • Gregory Lahm
  • Brian Cook
  • Dave Mann

2008 Translation L.
  1. Quietly
  2. Hate and Heartache
  3. Pine Boxes
  4. Guilt and the Like
  5. Generation of Ghosts
  6. Rocking Chairs and Shotguns
  7. Medicine
  8. A Beautiful Corpse
  • Jason Watkins
  • Alex Vernon
  • Kevin Schindel
  • Steve Brooks
  • Dave Mann

The Violence Beneath  EP
2010 Translation L.
  1. The Violence Beneath
  2. Buried Hopes
  3. Restore (Live)
  4. In Your Eyes
  • Jason Watkins
  • Alex Vernon
  • Kevin Schindel
  • Steve Brooks
  • Dave Mann

2013 Translation L.
  1. Lullaby
  2. It Swarms
  3. Sharpen Your Eyes
  4. How Will This End
  5. Patterns
  6. The Other Son
  • Jason Watkins
  • Kevin Schindel
  • Steve Brooks
  • Evan Danielson
  • Dave Mann

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