Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
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Last update/review: December 5, 2007

Manmade God

Manmade God was initially formed shortly after the demise of the excellent Bay Area thrash band Forbidden, with initially three members of that group on board (later down to two), with another notable musician in those early days being future Machine Head. guitarist Ahrue Luster. A self-financed EP was recorded in 1998, and following a few member changes, a modified lineup stabilized around 2000, with their debut album finally appearing in 2003. By that time the band was a million miles away from their thrash heritage, as Manmade God's sound belonged in the post-grunge, hard alternative camp, somewhat reminiscient of bands like Pearl Jam (not that Manmade God was a grunge band, as they are far from a clone of Eddie Vedder's gang, but PJ was a clear influence and occasional soundalike). Manmade God is a soulful, mature, and emotive hard rock album, and recommended for fans of that genre.

The band broke up in early 2004 following the departure of vocalist Pann and a split from their record label. The remaining members teamed up with former Systematic frontman Tom Narducci in a new band, Spiralarms, though only guitarist Craig Locicero still remains in that group.

Last Lineup



Craig Locicero

guitars (ex-Demonica, Forbidden)

Jimmy Walker


Steve Jacobs

drums (ex-Forbidden)

Former Members/Guests

Tim Green

vocals (The Fucking Champs)

Ahrue Luster

guitars (ex-Ill NiƱo, ex-Machine Head)

Matt Camacho

bass (Forbidden)


Manmade God  EP
1998 independent
  1. Crazy People
  2. Rip Me Out
  3. Yellow
  4. Scarred By Lust
  5. Flesh Binds
  • Tim Green
  • Craig Locicero
  • Ahrue Luster
  • Matt Camacho
  • Steve Jacobs

Manmade God  
2003 American
  1. Safe Passages
  2. Swamp Water
  3. Search for Greater Things
  4. Bad Creation
  5. Pulp
  6. Precious
  7. Meet My Maker
  8. Lizard Bones
  9. Million Dollar Gun
  10. Revolution
  11. The Path
  • Pann
  • Craig Locicero
  • Jimmy Walker
  • Steve Jacobs

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