Origin: Luleå, Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: December 31, 2016

Machinae Supremacy

This intriguing Swedish band has been active since around 2000, building a name for themselves privately before finally signing to Spinefarm Records in 2006 for the release of their third album, Redeemer. Basically, their style is based in power metal but with a bit of a pop edge, some grandiose arrangements, and some interesting techno synth effects (more on that in a minute). The band has blazed a rather unique trail for themselves in a couple of ways -- first, they embraced the Internet as a means for distributing their music well before the craze of sites like Myspace, uploading scores of freely distributeable songs prior to their first official album in 2004 (essentially album-less tracks, they are still available on their site, as is their entire second release, a soundtrack to a video game). Secondly, they incorporate the use of a SiDStation (apparently, a device that contains the audio/music chip found in old Commodore 64 computers) for some of their synthesizer effects (it is even said that these guys are the originators of a whole subgenre of music called SiD metal, though that appears to be stretching things a bit). The SiD effect is somewhat subtle, not nearly as in-your-face as, say, Horse The Band, who take a somewhat similar synthesizer approach from a completely different angle. Nonetheless, the chip occasionally heightens the techno effect that helps to differentiate this band from what might otherwise be a more ordinary power metal style. The other differentiation from power metal are the vocals, goth rock than power metal, perhaps offputting to some even though he has a fine voice and again, this is one more reason not to label this band as just power metal. Considering that so many power metal bands stay within rigid confines, it's refreshing to find a band like Machinae Supremacy breathe some new life into the genre.

Current Members

Robert Stjärnström


Jonas Rörling


Tomi Luoma


Andreas Gerden


Niklas Karvonen


Former Members/Guests

Kahl Hellmer


Johan Hedlund


Tomas Nilsén



Deus Ex Machinae  
2004 MBD
  1. Insidious
  2. Super Steve
  3. Dreadnaught
  4. Flagcarrier
  5. Return to Snake Mountain
  6. Player One
  7. Deus Ex Machinae
  8. Attack Music (album version)
  9. Ninja
  10. Throttle and Mask
  11. Killer Instinct
  12. Tempus Fugit
  13. Blind Dog Pride
  14. Machinae Prime
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Kahl Hellmer
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Tomas Nilsén

Jets 'n Guns Soundtrack  
2004 self-released
  1. Theme from Jets'N'Guns
  2. Koala in the Spider's Web
  3. Megascorcher
  4. Flight of the Toyota
  5. teh evul p4in of doomy hell
  6. Erecta My Hamburger Baby
  7. Little Green Men
  8. Lava Trouble Bubble
  9. Zogrim Ate My Hamster
  10. Insectoid
  11. Archangels of Sidaroth
  12. Hyperchase
  13. Burghammer Hill
  14. Knee-deep in the X0xx
  15. Kings of the Sea
  16. Futuremachine
  17. Lord Krutor's Dominion
  18. SpacePunX
  19. Dududub Dududum
  20. Escaping the Krut
  21. Death From Above
  22. Flames of Fire
  23. Judgement Fray
  24. Machinaeguns
  25. r0x0rd teh x0xxor
  26. Endgame
  27. Game Over
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Kahl Hellmer
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Tomas Nilsén

2006 Spinefarm
  1. Elite
  2. Rise
  3. Fury *
  4. Ronin
  5. Kaori Stomp *
  6. Hate
  7. I Know The Reaper
  8. Seventeen
  9. The Cavern of Lost Time *
  10. Rogue World Asylum
  11. Through the Looking Glass
  12. Oki Kumas Adventure
  13. Reanimator (March of the Undead III)
  14. Prelude to Empire *
  15. Empire *
  16. Ghost (Beneath the Surface)
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Kahl Hellmer
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Tomas Nilsén

2008 Spinefarm
  1. Overworld
  2. Need for Steve
  3. Edge and Pearl
  4. Radio Future
  5. Skin
  6. Truth of Tomorrow
  7. Dark City
  8. Conveyer
  9. Gimme More (SID)
  10. Violator
  11. Sid Icarus
  12. Stand
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Johan Hedlund
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Tomas Nilsén

A View From The End Of The World  
2010 Spinefarm
  1. A View From The End Of The World
  2. Force Feedback
  3. Rocket Dragon
  4. Persona
  5. Nova Prospekt
  6. World Of Light
  7. Shinigami
  8. Cybergenesis
  9. Action Girl
  10. Crouching Camper Hidden Sniper
  11. Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive
  12. One Day In The Universe
  13. The Greatest Show On Earth
  14. Remnant (March Of The Undead IV)
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Johan Hedlund
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Niklas Karvonen

The Beat Of Our Decay  COMPILATION
2011 Spinefarm

Live At Assembly 2011  LIVE
2011 self-released
  1. Gianna Sisters
  2. Rocket Dragon
  3. Force Feedback
  4. Player One
  5. Attack Music
  6. Persona
  7. Action Girl
  8. Remnant (March Of The Undead Part IV)
  9. Truth Of Tomorrow
  10. Bouff
  11. Dark City
  12. Indiscrimate Murder Is Counter-Productive
  13. Nova Prospekt
  14. Edge And Pearl
  15. Winterstorm
  16. Through The Looking Glass

Rise Of A Digital Nation  
2012 Spinefarm
  1. All of My Angels
  2. Laser Speed Force
  3. Transgenic
  4. Rise of a Digital Nation
  5. Pieces
  6. Cyber Warfare
  7. Republic of Gamers
  8. Battlecry
  9. 99
  10. Hero
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Niklas Karvonen

Phantom Shadow  
2014 Spinefarm
  1. I Wasn't Made for the World I Left Behind
  2. The Villain of this Story
  3. Perfect Dark
  4. Europa
  5. Throne of Games
  6. Meanwhile in the Hall Of Shadows
  7. Phantom Battle
  8. Captured (Sara's Theme)
  9. Renegades
  10. Beyond Good and Evil
  11. The Second One
  12. Redemption Was Never Really My Thing
  13. The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
  14. Versus
  15. Mortal Wound (Skye's Requiem)
  16. Hubnester Rising
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Tomi Luoma
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Niklas Karvonen

Into The Night World  
  1. My Dragons Will Decimate
  2. Into the Night World
  3. Twe27ySeven
  4. Remember Me
  5. Space Boat
  6. Stars Had to Die So That You Could Live
  7. Beast Engine
  8. Dream Sequence
  9. Sid Metal Legacy
  10. The Last March of the Undead
  • Robert Stjärnström
  • Jonas Rörling
  • Tomi Luoma
  • Andreas Gerden
  • Niklas Karvonen

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