Origin: Memphis, Tennessee, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Medieval Steel

The band name, song titles, and cover tell it all -- Medieval Steel, the 1984 EP by the band of the same name, is about as underground 80's as it gets, with that classic metal style beloved by those who grew up on metal in those days. The song structures are simplistic, the production bargain-basement, but for 1984 it was pretty decent stuff. Dormant for years, vocalist Bobby Franklin put together a new version of the band in the early 2000's and in 2014 a new album (officially the band's first full-length following that EP and some odds-and-ends collections) came out, with the title Dark Castle.

Current Members

Bobby Franklin


Cary Scarbrough


Jeff Miller


Chris Pietrangelo


Chris Cook


Former Members/Guests

Chuck Jones


John Roth


Jeff Boydstun


Matt Dees


Bill Jones



Medieval Steel  EP
  1. Medieval Steel
  2. Warlords
  3. Battle Beyond The Stars
  4. Echoes
  • Bobby Franklin
  • Chuck Jones
  • John Roth
  • Jeff Boydstun
  • Bill Jones

The Dungeon Tapes  COMPILATION
2005 self-released
  1. Eyes Of Fire
  2. Ghost From The Battlefield
  3. To Kill A King
  4. Lost In The City
  5. Tears In The Rain
  6. Battle Beyond The Stars
  7. Echoes
  8. Warlords
  9. Medieval Steel

The Anthology Of Steel  COMPILATION
2012 No Remorse
  1. Medieval Steel
  2. Warlords
  3. Battle Beyond the Stars
  4. Echoes
  5. Tears in the Rain
  6. Lost in the City
  7. To Kill a King
  8. Eyes of Fire
  9. Ghost from the Battlefield
  10. The Killing Fields

Dark Castle  
2014 Empire
  1. Powersurge
  2. American War Machine
  3. Circle of Fire
  4. The Lost Quatrain
  5. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
  6. The Killing Fields
  7. Heaven Help Me
  8. April
  9. Tyrant Overload
  10. Stranger in Time
  11. Thou Shall Not Kill
  • Bobby Franklin
  • Cary Scarbrough
  • Jeff Miller
  • Matt Dees
  • Chris Cook

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