Origin: USA  
Genres: 70's Metal, Hard Rock
Last update/review: August 27, 2006


Much of guitarist Ronnie Montrose's metal career, consisting of this band, his later band Gamma, and as a solo artist, has been of the decent if unspectacular variety. But for one moment, the metal gods smiled brightly on Montrose, in the form of the 1974 self-titled album Montrose. Simply put, it's a classic, with songs as "Rock Candy", "Bad Motor Scooter", and "Rock The Nations" featuring timeless riffs and a stellar vocal performance by then-unknown Sammy Hagar. Nearly thirty years after its release, the album sounds fresh and invigorating, all the more impressive given the dearth of good metal at the time. Montrose the band would record three more albums (one more with the original quartet and two others without Hagar and with several other new members), but the magic was never recaptured. Ronnie would go on to the aforementioned Gamma, Hagar's career is of course well known, and a couple of other members were later seen in bands such as Heart and Night Ranger. Montrose himself passed away in March 2012.

Last Lineup

Bob James

vocals RIP: February 25, 2021, ulcers, age 68

Ronnie Montrose

guitars RIP: March 3, 2012, suicide, age 64

Alan Fitzgerald


Jim Alcivar


Denny Carmassi

drums (ex-Ted Nugent, ex-Whitesnake)

Former Members/Guests

Sammy Hagar

vocals (ex-Van Halen)

Bill Church



1973 Warner Bros.
  1. Rock The Nations
  2. Bad Motor Scooter
  3. Space Station No. 5
  4. I Don't Want It
  5. Good Rockin' Tonight
  6. Rock Candy
  7. One Thing On My Mind
  8. Make It Last
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Bill Church
  • Denny Carmassi

Paper Money  
1974 Warner Bros.
  1. Underground
  2. Connection
  3. Dreamer
  4. Starliner
  5. I Got The Fire
  6. Spaceage Sacrifice
  7. We're Going Home
  8. Paper Money
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Bill Church
  • Denny Carmassi

Warner Brothers Presents Montrose  
1975 Warner Bros.
  1. Matriarch
  2. All I Need
  3. Twenty Flight Rock
  4. Whaler
  5. Dancin' Feet
  6. O Lucky Man
  7. One And A Half
  8. Clown Woman
  9. Black Train
  • Bob James
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Alan Fitzgerald
  • Jim Alcivar
  • Denny Carmassi

Jump On It  
1976 Warner Bros.
  1. Let's Go
  2. What Are You Waiting For
  3. Tuft Sedge
  4. Music Man
  5. Jump On It
  6. Rich Man
  7. Crazy For You
  8. Merry Go Round
  • Bob James
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Alan Fitzgerald
  • Jim Alcivar
  • Denny Carmassi

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