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Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: May 15, 2016
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Mirror is an international metal act founded by Taz Danazoglou, one-time Electric Wizard and current vocalist of blackened thrashers Satan's Wrath, and among the other members here is Matt Olivo, guitarist for the grindcore band Repulsion. Yet Mirror isn't doom, or thrash, or grindcore, nor even a mixture of these. Instead, Danazoglou and crew go straight for the retro classic metal sound, with a style clearly borrowing from the 70's legends (Deep Purple, to name one) along with a dash of NWOBHM, the end result often resembling any number of classic 80's indie metal bands. Some have lumped this band into the occult rock revival scene, which save for some fleeting moments doesn't seem quite accurate. Mirror is a strong debut for this band that could well develop into something special.

Current Members

Jimmy Mavromatis


George Solonos


Matt Olivo

guitars (Cryptic Slaughter, Repulsion)

Taz Danazoglou

bass (ex-Electric Wizard, Satan's Wrath)

Jaime Gomez Arellano


Former Members/Guests

Stamos Koliousis

guitars (Satan's Wrath)


2015 Metal Blade
  1. Mirror
  2. Curse of the Gypsy
  3. Year of the Red Moon
  4. Heavy King
  5. Madness and Magik
  6. Galleon
  7. Cloak of a Thousand Secrets
  8. Orion's Sword
  9. Elysian
  • Jimmy Mavromatis
  • Stamos Koliousis
  • Matt Olivo
  • Taz Danazoglou
  • Jaime Gomez Arellano

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