Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Christian Metal, 80's Metal
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Neon Cross

Neon Cross enjoyed success in the late eighties as part of a healthy underground Christian metal scene, slotting nicely alongside bands such as Barren Cross, Saint, Bloodgood, and others. Their 1988 debut, self-titled album was really their one shining moment, featuring a classic anthemic, straightforward metal/rock style with rather overt Christian lyrics (judging from song titles such as "We Are The Children (Of Our Lord)", "Run Into The Light", and so on). For whatever reason, they were not able to record again until 1995, when a modified lineup released Torn, apparently a shift away from their 80's-inspired sound towards a more grunge direction. The band is still active, playing sporadically and aiming for a new album release sometime in 2007.

Current Members

David Raymond Reeves


Don Webster


Scot Stricklend


Terry Russell


Former Members/Guests

Ed Ott


Dave Starkey


Mike Betts


Troy Woody



Neon Cross  
1988 Regency
  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Frontline Life
  3. We Are The Children (of Our Lord)
  4. On the Rock
  5. I'm Not Alone
  6. Right Time
  7. Run Into the Light
  8. Far Cry (From Eden)
  9. Outta The Way
  10. Victory
  11. I Need Your Love (*)
  12. Son Of God (*)
  13. Frontline Life (*)
  14. We Are The Children (Of Our Lord) (*)
  15. Far Cry (From Eden) (*)
  16. Victory (*)
  • David Raymond Reeves
  • Don Webster
  • Ed Ott
  • Mike Betts

1996 Rugged
  1. Intro
  2. Bitterness
  3. Spinning
  4. No Ones Home
  5. Seasons of Change
  6. '81
  7. Videosmut
  8. Now
  9. Prussian Blue
  10. Backlash
  11. I'm Free
  • David Raymond Reeves
  • Don Webster
  • Dave Starkey
  • Troy Woody

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