Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: October 18, 2015


It stood to reason that respected vocalist Johan Liiva would find a new home after his departure from Arch Enemy, and that's what we have here. Nonexist paired two musicians from different ends of the metal spectrum, that being Liiva and guitarist Johan Reinholdz of Andromeda, with well-travelled drummer Matte Modin rounding out the trio. The resulting debut album, Deus Deceptor, isn't too far removed from Arch Enemy, but it certainly isn't prog metal a la Andromeda. Crunchy, deathy Swedish thrash is the order of the day here, with Liiva's vocals in fine form and Reinholdz furthering his reputation as a standout guitarist. He sounds as at home here, playing ferocious crunchy thrash, as he does with the more relaxed pace of his other band, though occasionally he works some melodic leads into a few tracks. Not quite a groundbreaking album, but a more than competent debut, and with this amount of talent in the band, they could have gone far. However, both Liiva and Modin left the band in 2003, and with Reinholdz undoubtably busy with his other projects, Nonexist is probably done.

Last Lineup

Johan Liiva

vocals (ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Carnage, Hearse)

Johan Reinholdz

guitars/bass (Andromeda, Dark Tranquillity, Skyfire)

Former Members/Guests

Matte Modin

drums (ex-Dark Funeral, Defleshed, Firespawn)


Deus Deceptor  
2002 New Hawen
  1. Entrance
  2. The Devil Incarnate
  3. Faith
  4. Eaten Alive
  5. Ataraxia
  6. A Halo Askew
  7. Phantoms
  8. Ebony Tower
  9. Nowhere
  10. Delirious Tongues
  11. Idols And Fiends
  12. Divided We Fall
  • Johan Liiva
  • Johan Reinholdz
  • Matte Modin

From My Cold Dead Hands  
  1. Dark and Tortured Universe
  2. Presence Everlasting
  3. Flesh Falls from the Bone
  4. Days Without End
  5. Fire at Will
  6. Collective Coma
  7. From My Cold Dead Hands
  8. Lost in Darkness and Confusion
  9. Here Comes the Pain :wq
  • Johan Liiva
  • Johan Reinholdz

Throne Of Scars  
2015 Mighty Music
  1. Pyroclastic Cluster Torment
  2. A Promise Unfullfilled
  3. The New Flesh
  4. Throne of Scars
  5. Before the Storm Takes Me
  6. Rodents of War
  7. Cathedrals Beyond
  8. Enter Eternal Night
  9. The Anatomy of Insanity

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