Origin: Turin, Italy  
Genres: Metalcore
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Page online: July 28, 2008
Last update/review: June 27, 2015


Melodic metalcore from Italy. This is clearly borrows more from alternative rock/metal than the more common thrash/death influences often heard in metalcore these days. The clean vocals (pretty well done) are dominant here, with the real hardcore barking usually relegated to backup or secondary status. The band is tight, and there's a fair bit of technicality as well as some lighter interludes spliced in. Overall this is a pretty solid effort and a good pick for the modern metal fan, particularly those that might not usually care for metalcore. Apparently the band changed name to Mareluja.

Current Members

Gianluca Carcangiu


Luca Porporatu

guitars/backing vocals

Marco Mallamo

guitars/backing vocals

Edoardo Bonafortuna



The Perfect Symbiosis  
  1. Deception
  2. One Second Emotion
  3. Reborn
  4. In-Joke
  5. Snake Eyes
  6. Frozen Cries
  7. The Beginning Of Nothing
  8. Actors Of Nothing
  9. Lead My Moves
  10. Modulation Silence
  11. Replace Myself
  • Gianluca Carcangiu
  • Luca Porporatu
  • Marco Mallamo
  • Edoardo Bonafortuna

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