Origin: Ghent, Belgium  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: December 12, 2014


Ostrogoth was one of the better-known of the several Dutch/Belgian bands of the early eighties, playing a rather dated form of rough power metal. The band achieved some success with the early albums, but personality conflicts caused several members to leave, and a largely different lineup recorded their last album, Feelings Of Fury, before disbanding in 1988. Now, after 26 years (!), the band is back, with a new album set for a 2015 release.

Current Members

Josey Hindrix


Rudy Vercruysse


Dario Frodo




Mario Pauwels


Former Members/Guests

Marc De Brauwer


Peter De Wint

vocals (ex-Crossfire)

Hans Van De Kerckhove


Juno Martins


Marnix Van de Kauter


Sylvain Cherotti


Kris Taerwe



Full Moon's Eyes  EP
1983 Mausoleum
  • Marc De Brauwer
  • Rudy Vercruysse
  • Hans Van De Kerckhove
  • Marnix Van de Kauter
  • Mario Pauwels

Ecstasy And Danger  
1984 Mausoleum
  1. Queen Of Desire
  2. Ecstasy And Danger
  3. A Bitch Again
  4. Stormbringer
  5. Scream Out
  6. Lords Of Thunder
  7. The New Generation
  8. Do It Right
  • Marc De Brauwer
  • Rudy Vercruysse
  • Hans Van De Kerckhove
  • Mario Pauwels

Too Hot  
1985 Mausoleum
  1. Too hot
  2. Shoot back
  3. The gardens of Marrakesh
  4. Love in the streets
  5. Night women (don't like me)
  6. Endless winterdays
  7. Catch the sound of peace
  8. Halloween
  • Marc De Brauwer
  • Rudy Vercruysse
  • Hans Van De Kerckhove
  • Mario Pauwels

Feelings Of Fury  
1987 Ultraprime
  1. Conquest
  2. The introduction
  3. Samurai
  4. Love can wait
  5. We are the ace
  6. The hunter
  7. Get out of my life
  8. What the hell is going on
  9. Vlad Strigoi
  • Peter De Wint
  • Rudy Vercruysse
  • Juno Martins
  • Sylvain Cherotti
  • Kris Taerwe
  • Mario Pauwels

Last Tribe Standing  EP
  • Josey Hindrix
  • Rudy Vercruysse
  • Dario Frodo
  • Stripe
  • Mario Pauwels

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