Origin: Schiffweiler, Germany  
Last update/review: February 20, 2003

Paragon Of Beauty

Paragon Of Beauty formed in Germany in 1994 and progressed through the ranks in the usual manner, recording a couple of demos before getting signed, eventually releasing two albums and two EPs. By the time of their last release, 2001's Comfort Me, Infinity, they had developed a fine melancholic style that contained gothic and atmospheric elements, perhaps with a touch of doom (recent Anathema has been mentioned as a soundalike, and newer Katatonia may also be a good reference point). They split up sometime in 2002.

Last Lineup

Markus B. (Monesol)


Andreas Schuler

guitars (ex-Autumnblaze)

Oliver Kron




Tati Seibert (Sol)



Wundenozean  EP
1997 Prophecy

The Spring  
1998 Prophecy
  1. Wundenozean
  2. Oh Dear Beloved Marblequeen
  3. Among Thy Midnight Kings
  4. Snowfall Summerdream
  5. A Cosmos For A Lovestarved Child
  6. Where The Nights Still Dance
  7. Godbirds
  8. Sunset Funeral

(MCD) Far Gone Gleam  
2000 Prophecy
  1. To My Unfading Sorrow
  2. After Vapours Have Oppressed Our Plains
  3. Narrenjagd
  4. Wie Ein Zartes Blatt Im Morgenwind
  5. The Company

Comfort Me, Infinity  
2001 Prophecy
  1. This Impossible Moment
  2. One Step Into Nothingness
  3. Yonder Thy Primitive Path, My Shuddered Face
  4. Comfort Me, Infinity
  5. A Drowning Day
  6. About Glum Nalades and Idle Gods
  7. How Futile It Seems to Sow
  8. I Wished You Wouldn´t Fall Silent

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