Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: July 4, 2018
Last update/review: September 2, 2019


Pillorian was formed by John Haughm and came into being after the breakup of the well-respected band Agalloch, debuting in early 2017 with Obsidian Arc less than a year after the announced dissolution of said group. Agalloch was famous for blending doom, black, folk, and other forms of extreme metal over the course of their career, and Pillorian is neither a direct soundalike nor a complete about-face, as the focus here is on brooding, sprawling black metal, at times very in-your-face and at other times somber and melancholic. It appears that Arc will be the only Pillorian release, as Haughm folded the band after his own objectionable online comments pushed the other two members to depart in February 2019.

Last Lineup

John Haughm

vocals/guitars (ex-Agalloch, ex-Sculptured)

Stephen Parker


Trevor Matthews



Obsidian Arc  
  1. By the Light of a Black Sun
  2. Archaen Divinity
  3. The Vestige of Thorns
  4. Forged Iron Crucible
  5. A Stygian Pyre
  6. The Sentient Arcanum
  7. Dark Is the River of Man
  • John Haughm
  • Stephen Parker
  • Trevor Matthews

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