Origin: Australia  
Genres: Death Metal
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Plague formed in 1995 and released a self-financed, self-titled album two years later, but it would be eight years before a second album, Higher Moral Ground, was released. The style on Ground straddles the line between death metal and metalcore, leaning toward the former but with some traces of the current metalcore sound. The vocals (also a mix of death growl and metalcore) are forceful if at times overbearing, though there are considerable riff changes and fills and the like to keep the listener's interest.

Last Lineup

Damian Lutherbrough


Dean Evans


Mark Johnstone


Gary Thomas

drums (ex-The Berzerker)

Former Members/Guests

Ryan McCormack


Brett Gilbert



1997 self-released
  • Damian Lutherbrough
  • Dean Evans
  • Ryan McCormack
  • Brett Gilbert
  • Gary Thomas

Higher Moral Ground  
2005 Rabid
  1. 3rd Degree Betrayal
  2. Americanization
  3. Fusion
  4. Clash
  5. UltraViolent
  6. Higher Moral Ground
  7. Constant Rumble
  8. Harm
  9. How It Is
  10. Better To Burn
  • Damian Lutherbrough
  • Dean Evans
  • Ryan McCormack
  • Mark Johnstone
  • Gary Thomas

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