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During their formative years, the Plasmatics had nothing to do with metal, instead making a name for themselves as an outrageous punk act, featuring personalities such as leather-lunged, mostly-naked-on-stage vocalist Wendy O. Williams (a former porn actress) and blue-mohawked, tutu-wearing guitarist Richie Stotts. Known for their ridiculously over-the-top live shows, the band gained a bit of cult success but mostly were relegated to novelty act. By 1982, however, the band's music had matured a bit, with that year's Coup D'Etat being a full-fledged, quite decent anthemic metal album. Though not a blockbuster hit, Coup D'Etat was the band's finest hour, one of those oddball releases that is quite worth a listen. As a band, the Plasmatics disintegrated soon after that album, Wendy deciding to go it alone for a time with middling success, before a reunion album of sorts in Maggots in 1987.

Last Lineup

Wendy O. Williams

vocals RIP: April 8, 1998, suicide

Michael Ray


Wes Beech


Chris Romanelli

bass (ex-Phantom)

Ray Callahan


Former Members/Guests

Richie Stotts


Jean Beauvoir


Stu Deutsch


Neal Smith (guest)

drums (ex-Alice Cooper)

Joey Reese


T.C. Tolliver



New Hope For The Wretched  
1980 Stiff
  1. Tight Black Pants
  2. Monkey Suit
  3. Living Dead
  4. Test Tube Babies
  5. Won't You
  6. Concrete Shoes
  7. Squirm (Live)
  8. Want You Baby
  9. Dream Lover
  10. Sometimes (I Feel It When You're Down On Your Knees)
  11. Corruption
  12. Butcher Baby
  • Wendy O. Williams
  • Richie Stotts
  • Wes Beech
  • Jean Beauvoir
  • Stu Deutsch

Beyond The Valley Of 1984  
1981 Stiff
  1. Incantation
  2. Masterplan
  3. Headbanger
  4. Summer Nite
  5. Nothing
  6. Fast Food Service
  7. Hitman (Live)
  8. Living Dead
  9. Sex Junkie
  10. Plasma Jam (Live)
  11. Pig Is A Pig
  • Wendy O. Williams
  • Richie Stotts
  • Wes Beech
  • Jean Beauvoir
  • Neal Smith

Metal Priestess  EP
1981 Stiff
  1. Lunacy
  2. Doom Song
  3. Sex Junkie (Live)
  4. Black Leather Monster
  5. 12 Noon
  6. Masterplan
  • Wendy O. Williams
  • Richie Stotts
  • Wes Beech
  • Chris Romanelli
  • Joey Reese

Coup D'Etat  
1982 Capitol
  1. Your Love In Me
  2. Stop
  3. Rock n' Roll
  4. Lightning Breaks
  5. No Class
  6. Mistress Of Taboo
  7. Country Fairs
  8. Path Of Glory
  9. Just Like On TV
  10. The Damned
  • Wendy O. Williams
  • Richie Stotts
  • Wes Beech
  • Chris Romanelli
  • T.C. Tolliver

Maggots: The Record  
1987 Profile
  1. Overture
  2. Introduction
  3. You're A Zombie
  4. The White's Apartment
  5. Full Meal Dinner
  6. The White's Apartment
  7. The Day Of The Humans Is Gone
  8. The Central Research Laboratory
  9. Valerie And Bruce On The Phone
  10. Destroyers
  11. The White's Apartment
  12. Bruce's Bedroom
  13. Brain Dead
  14. The White's Apartment
  15. Bruce's Bedroom
  16. Propogators
  17. The White's Bedroom
  18. Fire Escape
  19. Finale
  • Wendy O. Williams
  • Michael Ray
  • Wes Beech
  • Chris Romanelli
  • Ray Callahan

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