Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: January 24, 2005
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Pentacle has been around for awhile, forming in 1990 and recording the odd single and split EP in addition to the releases documented below. A clear source of inspiration here is early Celtic Frost, particularly in the guitar tone and riffing. But while CF delved into darker, doomier occult themes, Pentacle is a faster proposition -- one way to put it is if Celtic Frost had moved in a faster and deathier direction on their later releases, they might have sounded similar to Pentacle.

Current Members

Wannes Gubbels

vocals/bass (ex-Asphyx)

Mike Verhoeven


Alex Verhoeven


Robert Smissaert


Former Members/Guests

Edwin Folsche


Marc Nelissen



The Fifth Moon  EP
1996 Displeased
  1. Black At Heart
  2. A Serpent In Bloodred
  3. The Flame´s Masquerade
  4. Adoring An Endless Dream
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Edwin Folsche
  • Marc Nelissen

... Rides The Moonstorm  
1998 Damnation
  1. Rides The Moonstorm
  2. Veil Of Sulphur
  3. Yielding To The Sceptor Of Flesh
  4. For I Am Chaos
  5. Raised By Night´s Chaos
  6. Baptism In A Fiery Void
  7. Spell Of The Pentagram
  8. Deepness Of The Depths
  9. Scythes
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Marc Nelissen

(MCD) Ancient Death  
2001 Damnation
  1. Prophet Of Perdition
  2. Descending Of The Soul
  3. Legion Of Doom
  4. Immolated In Flames
  5. Witch Of Hell
  6. Walking Upon Damnation´s Land
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Marc Nelissen

Under The Black Cross  
  1. Into the Fiery Jaws
  2. Raise the White Ensign!
  3. March of the Campbletown
  4. A Devil's Shooting Gallery
  5. The Utmost Desolation
  6. (Storming Through) a Hail of Steel
  7. The Last Fight (ML 306's Stand)
  8. Awaiting the Blast of Death
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Alex Verhoeven
  • Robert Smissaert

Archaic Undead Fury  EP
  1. A Hellish Descend
  2. Blast Them from the Sky!
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Alex Verhoeven
  • Robert Smissaert

Into The Depths Of Mill  LIVE
  1. Son of the Dawn
  2. Deepness of the Depths
  3. Buried in Mankind's Sleep
  4. My Fall
  5. The Usurper (Celtic Frost cover)
  6. Descending of the Soul
  7. Denial of God
  8. Belief from Below
  9. The Reaper (Hellhammer cover)
  • Wannes Gubbels
  • Mike Verhoeven
  • Marc Nelissen

Five Candles Burning Red  EP

The Fifth Moon ... Beyond And Back  COMPILATION
  1. Black at Heart
  2. A Serpent in Blood Red
  3. The Flame’s Masquerade (Her Sun Is the Moon)
  4. Adoring an Endless Dawn
  5. A Serpent in Blood Red
  6. Exalted Journey
  7. Son of the Dawn
  8. A Dance Beyond
  9. Buried in Mankind’s Sleep
  10. Descending of the Soul
  11. My Fall
  12. Deepness of the Depths
  13. Winds of the Fall
  14. A Mind in Flames
  15. Belief from Below
  16. Son of the Dawn
  17. Denial of God
  18. Belief from Below

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