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Professor Fate

This is an interesting solo project from Mick Kenney, whom many know from his work in Anaal Nathrakh. This is absolutely nothing like that band, and it's also borderline not metal at all, but what it is is a dark, avant-garde, movie soundtrack-like affair, heavy on atmospherics, orchestral keyboards, and programmed drumbeats, with lyrics based on Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy" adding to the mood. Vocals are sparse, with some operatic background vocals and a guest appearance by Ulver's Garm complementing Kenney's semi-clean vocals. Again, it's not metallic in the traditional sense, but the darkness and moods on display make this an intriguing listen for left-field metal fans -- really good stuff.

Last Lineup

Mick Kenney

vocals/all instruments (Anaal Nathrakh)


2007 Feto
  1. The gates of hell
  2. Limbo
  3. The lustful
  4. The glutonous
  5. Avarice and prodigality
  6. The wrathful and sullen
  7. Heretics
  8. The violent
  9. The fraudulent
  10. Treachery
  • Mick Kenney

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