Origin: Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: May 27, 2007


Revenant formed in 1986, with their early lineup featuring future Incantation founder John McEntee, and by 1991 they had managed to record what would become their only full-length album, Prophecies Of A Dying World. pretty inventive death-tinged thrash album. The band demoed some songs in the years afterward, but finally broke up in 1995. Four of the last recordings were later remixed and released as Overman in 2002. Their style on Prophecies is best described as aggressive, death-tinged thrash metal, a bit rough around the edges but pretty decent for its day.

Last Lineup

Dave Jengo


Tim Scott

bass (ex-Hate Plow)

Will Corcoran

drums RIP: January 12, 2022, age 53

Former Members/Guests

Henry Veggian



Prophecies Of A Dying World  
  1. Prophecy Of A Dying World
  2. Spawn
  3. Ancestral Shadows
  4. The Unearthly
  5. Asphyxiated Time
  6. Distant Eyes
  7. Valedictions
  8. Degneration (CD bonus track)
  • Henry Veggian
  • Dave Jengo
  • Tim Scott
  • Will Corcoran

Overman  EP
2002 self-released
  1. Land Of Ruin
  2. The Masks Of God
  3. Long Red Sleep
  4. Exalted Being

The Burning Ground  DEMO RE-RELEASE
2005 Xtreem
  1. The Faithless
  2. Eclipse
  3. The Burning Ground
  4. Exalted Being
  5. Infinite Reality
  6. Distant Eyes
  7. Asphyxiated Time
  8. Degeneration
  9. Intro / Futures Ende
  10. Fear
  11. Cataleptic Spirits
  12. Transcending A World Of Shadow
  13. Tyrannical Nightmare
  14. The Unearthly (live in Den Bosch, Holland. December 1991)

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