Origin: Houston, Texas, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: January 18, 2017


Ripper was a Texas-based horror metal band who managed to release one low-budget album in 1986 before disappearing into obscurity. Often such albums are rather useless and best left alone, but And The Dead Shall Rise was a guilty pleasure, as their dark 80's metal style, while nothing fancy, was actually pretty effective, yielding some fine songs, even if their image was a bit on the cheesy side. And one can't help but love a band whose female singer screams lines like "Don't tie me down -- tie me up!". The band was done by 1990, but Rob Graves resurrected the group in 2005 and albums were released in 2009 and 2015 with varying lineups. With the sad passing of Graves in 2016, the band is likely done.

Last Lineup

Rob Graves (Michael Ray Williams)

guitars/vocals RIP: April 30, 2016, car accident, age 57

Stephen Bogle


Alan D'Angelo

bass/vocals (Sleepy Hollow)

Steve Bogle


Don Ramirez


Former Members/Guests

Death (Johnny Crystal)


Sadie Paine


JD Shadowz (J.D. Flores)

drums/vocals (ex-My Ruin)

Robert Bogle (guest)



And The Dead Shall Rise  
1986 Iron Works
  1. Death Awaits You
  2. Sinister Minister
  3. The Executioner
  4. Night Cruizer
  5. Don't Tie Me Down
  6. Halloween
  7. Wake The Dead
  8. Metal Mission
  • Rob Graves
  • Death
  • Sadie Paine
  • JD Shadowz

The Dead Have Rizen  
2009 Black Widow
  1. Intro: The Grave
  2. Hemicidal
  3. Driller
  4. 66 Angel Eyez
  5. US Tank
  6. Love Me To Death
  7. The Tall Man
  8. God Of Thunder
  9. In The Raw
  10. Outro: Dark Dominion
  • Rob Graves
  • Stephen Bogle
  • Alan D'Angelo
  • Don Ramirez

Third Witness  
2015 Black Widow
  1. Dead Dreams
  2. Fragrant Earth
  3. Morphinia
  4. Geneticide
  5. Into the Realm
  6. Cryptonight
  7. Goin' Green
  8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Rob Graves
  • Steve Bogle
  • Don Ramirez
  • Robert Bogle

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