Origin: Germany  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: August 29, 2005

Sacred Chao

Sacred Chao was the short-lived continuation of the German thrash band Living Death in a sense, as former vocalist Toto Bergmann and former drummer Atomic Steif decided to form a new band some time after the demise of LD. The one record, a self-titled 4-track EP, is a bit odd, not really thrash at all as one might expect. Instead the style is an odd sort of speed metal, with almost progressive guitar work from some guy named Fred and a strange rambling bass line from Lemmie. Toto's vocals aren't nearly as uncontrolled as in his early LD days, as he improved greatly and sounded in fine form here. Too bad this band didn't catch on, the songs here were quite original and could have been the framework for a solid career.

Last Lineup

Thorsten Bergmann

vocals (ex-Living Death)




bass (ex-Violent Force)

Atomic Steif (Guido Richter)

drums (ex-Holy Moses, ex-Living Death, ex-Sodom)


Sacred Chao  EP
1989 Aaarrg
  1. Cry For More
  2. Life Means Nothing
  3. Dirty Dreams
  4. Leave You Right Now
  • Thorsten Bergmann
  • Fred
  • Lemmie
  • Atomic Steif

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