Origin: Somerset, Australia  
Genres: Instrumental, Death Metal
Page online: May 8, 2008
Last update/review: February 22, 2015


"Instrumental death metal" almost sounds like a contradiction in terms, given that one of death metal's main selling points are the low, gruff vocals. But, really, instrumental death metal is the best way to describe Sclera, a one-man project from Australia run by one Rohan Ledger. The style on Impaled Visions tends toward the technical side, with some nice riffing and tempo changes, though thankfully he doesn't go overboard on changing riffs every half second. The (programmed) drums are hit-and-miss -- at times expertly arranged, but often sounding tinny and too obviously programmed (though this might be more of a production issue). To these ears, the absence of vocals is kind of refreshing, though there will always be those who don't get into instrumental metal. A pretty good first effort.

Current Members

Rohan Ledger

all instruments


Impaled Visions  
2007 self-released
  1. Eye of the Martyr
  2. Crucified By Failure
  3. By His Hand
  4. Divine Lethality
  5. The Insignificance of Reality
  6. A Malignant Mentality
  7. Apocalyptic Chaos
  8. Paragon of Sin
  9. Impaled Visions
  • Rohan Ledger

2008 self-released
  1. Cosmic Egg
  2. Omnipresence
  3. Intelligent Design
  4. Covenant
  5. Messianic Prophecy
  6. The Miracle of Birth
  7. Enslavement of Humanity
  8. Reflection
  9. Omega Point
  • Rohan Ledger

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