Origin: New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Page online: March 29, 2005
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The origins of Solace trace back to another Jersey metal band called Godspeed, that band recording a major label album in 1994 entitled Ride before breaking up. The Godspeed pair of guitarist Tommy Southard and bassist Rob Hultz ressurected the band a few years later, eventually changing the name to Solace. The band also has ties to another Jersey stoner band, The Atomic Bitchwax, as TAB's Chris Kosnik played in Godspeed and Keith Ackerman (also of TAB) appeared in an early version of Solace. Debuting with a split EP in 1998, the group eventually released their debut, Further in 2001 followed by 13 in 2003. 13, is a thick slab of doomy, grungy, stoner metal, with Southard's meaty, groovy riffs providing the foundation for the songs. Solace deserves to be mentioned along with the best of the stoner/doom bands currently on the circuit.

Current Members



Tommy Southard


Justin Daniels


Rob Hultz

bass (Trouble)

Kenny Lund


Former Members/Guests

Matt Gunvordahl


Bill Belford


John Proveaux



Jersey Devils (split w/ Solarized)  
1998 Meteor City
  1. Heavy Birth/2-Fisted
  2. Dirt
  3. Try
  4. Funk #49
  • Jason
  • Tommy Southard
  • Rob Hultz
  • Matt Gunvordahl

2001 Meteor City
  1. Man Dog
  2. Black Unholy Ground
  3. Followed
  4. Whistle Pig
  5. Hungry Mother
  6. Angels Dreaming
  7. Suspicious Tower
  8. Heavy Birth/2 Fisted
  • Jason
  • Tommy Southard
  • Rob Hultz
  • Bill Belford

2003 Meteor City
  1. Loving Sickness/Burning Fuel
  2. Indolence
  3. King Alcohol
  4. Once Around the Sun
  5. Common Cause
  6. In the Oven
  7. Forever My Queen
  8. Theme...
  9. Try
  10. Sled Heavy
  11. Rice Burner
  12. With Time
  13. Shit Kisser (Hidden Track)
  • Jason
  • Tommy Southard
  • Rob Hultz
  • John Proveaux

The Black Black  EP
2007 Underdogma
  1. Khan (World Of Fire)
  2. Destroy The Gift
  3. The Devil's Clock
  4. World War

Roadburn  VIDEO

2010 Small Stone
  1. The Disillusioned Prophet
  2. From Below
  3. Dust & Ashes
  4. The Immortal, The Dead & The Nothing
  5. Down South Dog
  6. Six Year Trainwreck
  7. Borrowed Immunity
  8. Za Gamman
  9. Rule #11
  10. The Skull Of The Head Of A Man
  11. The Disillusioned Prophet
  12. The Immortal, the Dead and the Nothing
  13. Six Year Trainwreck
  14. Za Gamman
  15. Borrowed Immunity
  16. Down South Dog
  17. The Eyes of the Vulture
  18. The Skull of the Head of a Man
  19. From Below
  • Jason
  • Tommy Southard
  • Justin Daniels
  • Rob Hultz
  • Kenny Lund

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