Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: September 3, 2023


The New York band Sorrow had a brief run in the early nineties, releasing an EP and LP of slower paced death metal, similar but not quite in the doomdeath field, before disbanding in 1993. Almost 30 years later, the same quartet got back together and released Death Of Sorrow in 2023, which is either an ironic or foretelling title indeed.

Current Members

Andy Marchione


Brett Clarin


Billy Rogan


Mike Hymson



Forgotten Sunrise  EP
1991 Roadrunner
  1. Awaiting the savior
  2. Eternally cursed
  3. Curse the sunrise
  4. A Wasted cry for hope
  • Andy Marchione
  • Brett Clarin
  • Mike Hymson

Hatred And Disgust  
1992 Roadrunner
  1. Insatiable
  2. Forced Repression
  3. Illusion of Freedom
  4. Human Error
  5. Separative Adjectives
  6. Unjustified Reluctance
  • Andy Marchione
  • Brett Clarin
  • Billy Rogan
  • Mike Hymson

Death Of Sorrow  
2023 Xtreem
  1. Doom the World
  2. Judicial Falsity
  3. Remembered Eternally
  4. Scar
  5. Required Irrationality
  6. Someone Else's Blood
  7. Hidden Fear
  8. Funeral March
  • Andy Marchione
  • Brett Clarin
  • Billy Rogan
  • Mike Hymson

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