Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
Last update/review: November 27, 2014


Soulbender was founded by Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton, as an outlet to perform the harder music that his main band has gradually drifted away from in recent times. The resulting 2004 self-titled album is a low-key affair, very much a heavy rock album with a slight laid-back feel, perhaps best described as post-alternative metal with just a hint of later grunge (possibly due to the influence of former My Sister's Machine vocalist Nick Pollock). A hardened Queensryche fan might hear some familiar riffing from Wilton, but in general this is far from a Queensryche-sounding album. Wilton stated that Soulbender is an ongoing band and not just a solo project, though with his continuing work in QR, this band will probably exist as a band only during QR downtime.

A decade later, four new tracks were recorded and packaged with the first album remastered, released as Soulbender II.

Current Members

Nick Pollock

vocals/guitars (ex-My Sister's Machine)

Michael Wilton

guitars (Queensryche)

Dave Groves


Wes Hallam



  1. Fix Me
  2. Clockwork and Compass
  3. Rabbit Hole
  4. The American Dream
  5. Samsara
  6. Prime Time
  7. Shoot Poem
  8. This Ocean
  9. Hunger
  10. Three Towers
  • Nick Pollock
  • Michael Wilton
  • Dave Groves
  • Wes Hallam

Soulbender II  
2014 Rat Pak
  1. Turn Anger Up
  2. Shoal
  3. Slave to Reality
  4. Seraphim
  5. Fix Me
  6. Clockwork and Compass
  7. Rabbit Hole
  8. The American Dream
  9. Samsara
  10. Prime Time
  11. Shoot Poem
  12. This Ocean
  13. Hunger
  14. Three Towers

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