Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: April 25, 2015


Soulscar looked to be one of Canada's brightest new hopes in the field of melodic death metal. The band formed as a duo in 1997 and remained as such for several years, growing and evolving through the course of several demos, culminating in 2002 with their debut release, Character Assassination. There are times where the familiar Gothenburg sound is heard, but Soulscar manages to escape sounding like the many other bands in the field simply by being more diverse in their songwriting. Less a pure death metal album and more a thrash/melodic death cross, Character Assassination benefits from an excellent production (surprising for a self-release) and fine performances all around. The band was later expanded to a quartet and two later albums were released in 2004 and 2006, but presumably they are no more.

Last Lineup

Andrew Staehling


Stas Mikheev


Brent Mackenzie

bass/vocals (Seven Year Storm)

Igor Cheifot



Character Assasination  
2002 self-released
  1. Fatalist Mantra
  2. Interceptor
  3. Sacrifices
  4. Living Nightmare
  5. Relentless
  6. It Takes A Wolf
  7. The Voyeur
  8. Character Assassination
  9. A Reprieve
  • Andrew Staehling
  • Brent Mackenzie

Victim Impact Statement  
2004 Galy
  1. Unmade
  2. Death Anxiety
  3. Cast Aside
  4. Hell Bitch
  5. Without a Shadow
  6. Ultimatum
  7. Regressor
  8. Alive Awake
  9. To the Pain
  10. Victim Impact Statement
  • Andrew Staehling
  • Stas Mikheev
  • Brent Mackenzie
  • Igor Cheifot

2006 Galy
  1. Identity
  2. The Hurt Plains
  3. Endgame I
  4. Sertraline
  5. Endgame II
  6. This Demon Mine
  7. Synesthete
  8. Hindsight
  9. Phoenix Tears
  10. Liar's League
  • Andrew Staehling
  • Stas Mikheev
  • Brent Mackenzie
  • Igor Cheifot

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