Origin: Oslo, Norway  
Genres: Alternative Metal
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Page online: December 20, 2007
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This was atypical of the Norwegian scene as well as unusual for a Candlelight signing, as Stonegard's 2005 debut Arrows. fit pretty squarely in the alternative metal world, a genre usually dominated by American bands and not one frequented by the more extreme indie labels. The defining element here were the crooning, post-grunge vocals of Torgrim Torve -- though effective, his style was not the norm for metal bands these days, and occasionally it even seemed a bit out of place when combined with some of the heavier tunes here. The guitar work varied between heavier, thrashier fare and a more heavy rock style, while the drumming was even more varied, at times going into hyperspeed mode while at other times taking a more subdued approach. It was interesting and more than a bit unique, though perhaps a tough sell for Candlelight, which might explain why the band's second album was released elsewhere. They ended up disbanding in October 2008.

Last Lineup

Torgrim Torve


Ronny Flissundet


Håvard Gjerde


Erlend Gjerde



2005 Candlelight
  1. Ghost Circles
  2. Arrows
  3. Hunter
  4. At Arms Length
  5. Resistance
  6. The White Shaded Lie
  7. Triggerfinger
  8. Barricades
  9. Goldbar
  10. Darkest Hour
  • Torgrim Torve
  • Ronny Flissundet
  • Håvard Gjerde
  • Erlend Gjerde

From Dusk Til Doom  
2006 Bells
  1. From Dusk Till Doom
  2. The Last Good Page
  3. Morpheon
  4. Crooked Feathers
  5. Helios, Cursed
  6. Rescue
  7. S&C
  8. Blade
  9. Locust
  • Torgrim Torve
  • Ronny Flissundet
  • Håvard Gjerde
  • Erlend Gjerde

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