Origin: Cheltenham, England  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Crossover
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Page online: December 18, 2006
Last update/review: May 6, 2015

Suicide Watch

Released in 2005 (a year after the band's formation), Suicide Watch's Global Warming has a clear retro vibe, mixing prime thrash with a hardcore vocal and lyrical bent, much like the crossover movement of the mid-eighties (though this is definitely not modern metalcore, despite the similar melding of metal and hardcore). Even though this style was done years ago, it somehow comes across as less stale than the current crop of melodeath and metalcore bands making the rounds, and for that alone they deserve credit. They've managed a handful of releases since, culminating in a live effort in 2015.

Current Members

Richard White


Simon Godwin


Trev Roast


Simon Bayliss


Colin Baker


Former Members/Guests

Ian Glasper


Simon Bevan


Ade Stokes



Global Warming  
2005 Mausoleum
  1. Flesh & Blood
  2. Truth About Lies
  3. The Devil Rides Out
  4. By The time You Read This I Will Be Dead
  5. Despair Another Dawn
  6. Global Warning
  7. Death in Triplicate
  8. Virus Inside Us
  9. Mouth of Madness
  10. Inexorable
  11. Broken Back of Democracy
  12. Tomorrow We Rule the World
  13. Night Winter Death
  • Richard White
  • Simon Godwin
  • Ian Glasper
  • Ade Stokes

Figure Head Of Pain  
  1. Figure Head of Pain
  2. Death Support System
  3. Citadel
  4. This Cursed Earth
  5. Stare Not into the Abyss
  6. Make No Mistake
  7. Hell in Reverse
  8. Within These Walls
  9. Words Written in Blood
  10. Death Becomes Us
  11. Hero of a Thousand Faces

The Cullling Of Humanity  EP
2010 Slaney
  1. Figurehead of Pain
  2. The Devil Rides Out
  3. Death Becomes Us
  4. By the Time You Read This...I Will Be Dead
  5. Night. Winter. Death
  6. The Culling of Humanity
  7. The Culling of Humanity (Armageddon Mix)
  • Richard White
  • Simon Godwin
  • Simon Bevan
  • Colin Baker

The Alienation Zone  EP
2014 Slaney
  1. A Good Day to Live (A Better Day to Die)
  2. The Alienation Zone
  3. This Cursed Earth
  4. Student Wankers (Peter & the Test Tube Babies cover)
  5. A Cross to Bear
  6. Motorbreath (Metallica cover)
  • Richard White
  • Simon Godwin
  • Trev Roast
  • Simon Bayliss
  • Colin Baker

This Cursed Earth  
2015 Slaney
  1. Figurehead of Pain
  2. A Good Day to Live...a Better Day to Die
  3. The Alienation Zone
  4. This Cursed Earth (feat. John Virgo)
  5. The Culling of Humanity
  6. By the Time You Read This... I Will Be Dead
  7. Night. Winter. Death
  8. Death Becomes Us
  9. In the Mouth of Madness (Live Studio Session)
  10. Night. Winter. Death. (Live Studio Session)
  11. The Devil Rides Out (Live Studio Session)
  12. A Good Day to Live ... (Pre-Production Demo)
  13. The Alienation Zone (Pre-Production Demo)
  14. This Cursed Earth (Pre-Production Demo)
  • Richard White
  • Simon Godwin
  • Trev Roast
  • Simon Bayliss
  • Colin Baker

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