Origin: Germany  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: April 26, 2000

Sweet Cheater

Not at all the glam band that the name might suggest, Sweet Cheater was an excellent band sounding quite a bit like early Helloween (circa Walls Of Jericho). Truly a lost gem, as they were pretty unknown even at the time. Two members moved on to another fine German power metal band, by the name of Secrecy.

Last Lineup

Bjorn Bargsteen


Manny Meccya

guitars (ex-Secrecy)

Mik Sebastian


Andy M. Jones


Alex Zazzo

drums (ex-Secrecy)


Immortal Instant  
1986 Semaphore
  1. Immortal Instant Part I
  2. Rat Trap
  3. Immortal Instant Part II
  4. Secret Passenger
  5. Wild Dogs
  6. The Curse
  7. Silent Running
  8. Gates Of Insanity
  9. Gone With Dreams
  • Bjorn Bargsteen
  • Manny Meccya
  • Mik Sebastian
  • Andy M. Jones
  • Alex Zazzo

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