Origin: Tacoma, Washington, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: November 29, 2009
Last update/review: November 29, 2009

Taist Of Iron

Resurrection is a pretty decent slice of early 80's metal from this Northwest band, one of many obscure American bands trying to make their mark in the scene while the metal focus was on England. And there weren't a lot of female-fronted bands at that time either (well, there was Bitch), but Lorraine Gill held her own here, with a fine rock voice. After releasing Resurrection in 1984 the band headed to Los Angeles to try to break it there, but before completing a second album, they dissolved in 1986.

Last Lineup

Lorraine Gill


Wylum Pearson


Mark Glabe


Jeff Massey



1984 self-released
  1. Resurrection
  2. The Gates
  3. Victim Child
  4. We Give Life
  5. M.O.R.R.
  6. Feeling You
  7. Love & Pain
  8. Metal Taco
  9. Evil
  10. Bloody Axe
  11. Cross Of Fire
  12. Ouija
  • Lorraine Gill
  • Wylum Pearson
  • Mark Glabe
  • Jeff Massey

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