Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: December 18, 2017
Last update/review: December 18, 2017


Power metal by way of Portland, Oregon, None Of This Is Real is the indie release from Tanagra released in 2015. This is impressive both for sheer quality and for the fact that this is one of the most European-sounding albums from an American band in quite some time. Sure, this isn't revolutionary, but that's never been the point with Euro power metal.

Current Members

Tom Socia


Steven Soderberg


Josh Kay


Erich Ulmer


Christopher Stewart



None Of This Is Real  
2015 independent
  1. The Undying Light
  2. Tyranny of Time
  3. Eliana
  4. Antietam
  5. Bitter Earth
  6. Planeswalker
  7. PM
  8. The Path to Talmor
  • Tom Socia
  • Steven Soderberg
  • Josh Kay
  • Erich Ulmer
  • Christopher Stewart

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