Origin: Helsinki, Finland  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: January 27, 2002


Tenebrae is an odd Finnish band whose Hypnotech release doesn't easily slot into any genre but is vaguely in the realm of industrial mid-paced death metal. The vocals are usually given the industrial distorted treatment, resulting in a cold, stark feel. The riffs aren't quite the typical death metal, but they too are stark, sparse, and bleak. A difficult album to get into but worth a listen. An interview with leader Jussi Heikkinen implied that the band had been put to rest so that he could concentrate on his other bands, Soulgrind and Gloomy Grim.

Last Lineup

Jussi Heikkinen

guitars/vocals (ex-Gloomy Grim)

Sami Vaughan


Henrik Laine


Juke Erakangas


Former Members/Guests

Hannu Ojanpera



1994 Spinefarm
  • Jussi Heikkinen
  • Hannu Ojanpera
  • Henrik Laine
  • Juke Erakangas

1996 Shiver
  1. Mask of Ignorance
  2. Wounds
  3. Real Life Massacre
  4. Sick Spinning Wheel
  5. Illusions of the Black
  6. Inside the Twilight of the Moonspell
  7. Frequence of Denial
  8. Hypnotech
  9. Trancequake
  10. Motorsexmanifest'o
  • Jussi Heikkinen
  • Sami Vaughan
  • Henrik Laine
  • Juke Erakangas

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