Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: February 17, 2006


Toranaga was part of a cadre of British thrash bands that sprouted up in the late eighties, recording a fine debut EP (Bastard Ballads) for the Peaceville label before being snapped up by major label Chrysalis for their debut full-length album, God's Gift. Despite some good reviews, the album didn't seem to fare that well, perhaps due to label non-support (Armored Saint suffered a similar fate at the hands of Chrysalis). Eventually EMI bought out their contract, the band went broke, and never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Mark Duffy

vocals (Millennium)

Andy Mitchell


Andy Burton


Steve Todd



Bastard Ballads  EP
1988 Peaceville
  1. Sentenced
  2. Dealers of Death
  3. Bastard Ballads
  4. Soldiers Be Brave
  5. Time to Burn
  6. Retribution
  • Mark Duffy
  • Andy Mitchell
  • Andy Burton
  • Steve Todd

God's Gift  
1990 Chrysalis
  1. The Shrine
  2. Psychotic
  3. Sword Of Damocles
  4. Hammer To The Skull
  5. Food Of The Gods
  6. Disciples
  7. Last Breath Of Life
  8. Black Is The Mask
  9. Execution
  • Mark Duffy
  • Andy Mitchell
  • Andy Burton
  • Steve Todd

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