Origin: Oakland, California, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal, Stoner Rock
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Page online: July 15, 2009
Last update/review: July 15, 2009


A strange one, this. Formed and led by the pair of guitarist/vocalist Tony Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos (the drum position seems to be in a constant state of flux), this trio has been around for a little while (LadrĂ³n, released in 2006, is the band's fourth album) and are one of those bands working in their own little world. Describing their style is tough -- there's some stoner rock, some darker alterna-metal, a bit of Southern metal, a noticeable sludge influence, and some quiet acoustic moments, tied together in an unconventional manner. They're heavy yet laidback, upbeat at times and dark at others. One of those atypical groups that have metallic qualities while probably not thinking of themselves as metal at all, Totimoshi is a quirky yet worthwhile band.

Current Members

Antonio Aguilar


Meg Castellanos


Chris Fugitt


Former Members/Guests

Johann Zamora


Don Newenhouse


Luke Herbst



  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos

2001 Crucial Blast
  1. Float
  2. Screwed
  3. Cellophane
  4. The Bleed
  5. Dirt Farmer
  6. Vitreol-A
  7. Oblivian
  8. Horselaugh
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos
  • Johann Zamora

2003 Crucial Blast
  1. Vader
  2. The Pigs are Schemin'
  3. Fancy Pants
  4. Light Lay Frowning
  5. The Hero Released from Fright
  6. Make Your Day
  7. The Skies Over Monolith Mountain
  8. Possum
  9. You Know
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos
  • Don Newenhouse

2006 Crucial Blast
  1. Ladron
  2. In Virgo
  3. The Dance Of Snakes
  4. God Of Earth
  5. Viva Zapata
  6. A Weighted Line
  7. To The Fire
  8. The Hide
  9. These Meanings
  10. The Drunken Sun Forever Watching
  11. The Shame
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos
  • Luke Herbst

2008 Volcom
  1. Sound the Horn
  2. Fall and Bound
  3. El Emplazado
  4. Last Refrain
  5. Seeing Eye
  6. Milagroso
  7. Forever in Bone (Los Dos)
  8. The Whisper
  9. Gnat
  10. Little Bee
  11. Dear
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos
  • Chris Fugitt

  1. Intro
  2. Avenger
  3. The Fool
  4. Mainline
  5. Calling All Curs
  6. Rose
  7. Opus
  8. Leaves
  9. Snag
  10. Waning Divine
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Meg Castellanos
  • Chris Fugitt

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